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About Us


Know How Automation Technology (KHAT) is one of the main providers of critical electrical and mechanical component to machine tool builders.

With over a decade of experience in factory automation and the passion for technology, we are now going further from simple parts supply to providing optimal solution of machine modification, repair and field services.

We are a group of people over 40 members, including field service engineers, controller software engineers, repair technicians and experienced sales representatives.

We work with our customers as a technical partner by providing solution on motion control, rather than simply as a supplier of products.

We have various sales offices in Southern China that we are able to provide services to customers within hours. Our warehouse in China could stores up to 20,000 pieces of products.

We offer various field service including servo motor tuning and maintenance, providing solution on machine tool modification and upgrade. Also we provide repair service of servo motors, amplifiers, frequency inverters and spindles.

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