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What We Do

We serve as a local partner, who is capable of precisely locating target customers and introduce your products in a more efficient and cheaper way. With long years of experience in the field of factory automation, we always have a better understanding on customers’ requirements, and the way they conduct business.

Product "Landing"


Located in the gateway to the world’s most dynamic hub of industrial manufacturing-Asia, we offer a more efficient and cheaper way for your products to enter this place. With a decade of experience in providing key components to machine manufacturers, we are able to expose your products to customers quickly and efficiently.



Componet for Machine Builder


We provide key electrical and mechanical components to machine and equipment manufacturers. We focus on increasing and maximizing machines’ productivity and efficiency, that we will only offer a product when we think it suits your machine the best. Our products category covers controllers, servo actuators, high speed spindles, pneumatic systems, mechanical parts such as ball screws, linear guide, couplings, etc.


Robotics and FMS Solutions

We help factories free manpower and increase machine productivity by adopting robot and Flexible Manufacturing System.

Our solutions covers a wide variety of application and products. We provide full scale before and after services, training and maintenance.


Support & Service


A product is only as good as the support and service that comes with it. That's why we are not simply delivering a product, but also we work together with customers to set up and tune the products, just to make sure it works seamlessly with the machine.


Spare Parts

Defect of key components such as controllers, servo actuators and spindles often results in long machine down time, which causes huge damage on a production line. In order to reduce such damage to the minimum, we work together with machine manufacturers to deliver service parts for machine users once they encountered a defect.

Maintenance & Repair

KHAT also provides high quality maintenance and repair service. Our repair workshop are now able to repair various type of servo motors and drivers, frequency inverters and spindles.

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